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Our professional and experienced team of teachers works collaboratively to provide a secure, stimulating, nurturing and developmentally appropriate environment. They are experts in the field of child growth and development and most have been with our school for many years.

All teachers and assistants are college graduates and meet or exceed Early Childhood Education state requirements. Several have master’s degrees and/or teaching credentials. Our staff participates in continuing education on an annual basis. The teacher/student ratio is one to seven.

St. Francis Teachers
  • Director

    Teri Clark

  • Time for Twos Teacher

    Lori Picardi

  • Younger Class (3's) Teachers

    Kathy Wilson and Bruna Elu

  • Pre-K Teachers

    Rosa Mendez, Jenny Crowther, and Shoshannah Vorhies

  • Teaching Assistants

    Kathleen Frey, Lori Picari, Jean de Buren, and Laurie Friedman

  • Enrichment Class Teachers and Assistants

    Teachers: Bruna Elu, Rosa Mendez, Kathy Wilson, Jamille Lewis, and Shoshannah Vorhies

    Assistants: Lori Picardi, Kathleen Frey, Jean de Buren, and Laurie Friedman

  • Administrative Assistant

    Laurie Friedman